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Akanda Jyoti - Our ever burning lamp is herewith offered to all the Rishis known and identified and those not known. Vedic wisdom has been passed down through many great sages who were free from the bindings of this world. Their minds were connected to the inifine ocean of wisdom within, their light will radiate for all eternity. With eternal gratitude we keep this lamp burning in their honor. 

Angiraha KankayanaTaksakaBrahmaVarksi
AgastyaKumarasira BharadvajaDhanvantariBhadrakapyaVaryovida
AtriKankayana BahlikaDhaumyaBharadvajaVisvamitra
AtriputraKusikaNimi VaidehaBhiksu AtreyaVaisravana
AbhijitKausikaPariksi MaudgalyaMahesvaraSakuneya
AsvinauKsarapaniPunarvasu AtreyaMatrganaSakunteya Brahmana
AsmarathyaGargyaPurnaksa MaudgalyaMaricaSandilya
AtreyaGalavaPulastyaMarici KasyapaSivanucara
IsvaraJatukarnaBadisa DhamargavaLokaksaHiranyaksa
UmaJanaka VaidehaBadarayanaVasisthaHiranyaksa Kausika

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Shitala stotram

Ayurvedic Medicine: Anti-toxification vs. Detoxification

Nasya Karma as per Classical Texts

Cooked Food Verses Raw Food

Milk for Children

Maatra Vasti

Hot Food Verses Cold Food



Copper Poisoning

Take a short gentle walk after lunch to improve digestion and assimilation of food. Moderate excercise is always a panacea for digestion.

Ayurveda (Devanagari: आयुर्वेद ) or ayurvedic medicine is a form of alternative medicine in use primarily in the Indian subcontinent. The word "Ayurveda" is a tatpurusha compound of āyus "life" and veda "knowledge", and would roughly translate as the "Science of Life". Ayurveda deals with the measures of healthy living, along with therapeutic measures that relate to physical, mental, social and spiritual harmony. Ayurveda is also one among the few traditional systems of medicine involving surgery.
Bhu Mata
The ancient Vedic sages viewed the Earth[Bhu Matha - Mother Earth] as a divine goddess, a being who had feelings and consciousness, and who responded to our prayers and actions. The sages sang beautiful hymns of gratitude to Mother Earth, wished her peace in rhythmic peace prayers, and also performed elaborate fire ceremonies for her peace and happiness.
Eternal Truth
Jyotisha (jyotiṣa, in Hindi and English usage Jyotish) is the Hindu system of astrology, one of the six disciplines of Vedanta, and regarded as one of the oldest schools of ancient astrology to have had an independent origin, affecting all other schools in and around India. The Sanskrit word derives from jyótis (disjointed as "Ja"+"Ya"+"O"+"T"+"ish" to get the root meaning as "water or birth"+"in addition to" + "earth" and "stars" + "knowledgeable" equating as one who is knowledgeable, or enlightened with knowledge, of birth, fate, and relationship to water, earth and stars) or which means "light, brightness", but in the plural also "the heavenly bodies, planets and stars".

Around the world there are special places where spiritual energies are more concentrated. In this section we take you on outer journeys to these places through various authors so you may experience a little of their magic.

Rishi Krishi
Four systems of organic farming are prevalent in India: Biodynamic Krishi, Rishi Krishi, Panchgavya Krishi and Agnihotra Krishi. Biodynamic Krishi has a strict sowing and planting calendar. Rishi Krishi involves boomi sanskar and application of amrit pani.
Spiritual Insight

A collection of Spiritual Insights to inspire in you a life of Conscious living

Sthapaya Veda
Vaastu Shastra (aka Sthapatya Veda and Vastu) is the ancient Vedic science of design and architecture. It is a detailed science of how to place and construct buildings for harmonious life on earth.

The world has and continues to be blessed with spiritual saints who, through Divine inspiration, offer us deep and profound spiritual insights to uplift and inspire in us to live a life of Higher Consciousness.

We feature just a few of them here.

Vedic Culture

A look into the basics of Vedic culture and its philosophy.

Many people do not know quite what it is, and it is often described incorrectly by many who are not a part of it. However, it is not as mysterious or complex as it is often portrayed to be.

Vedic Sciences
Vedic science may refer to a number of disciplines, ancient and modern, Hindu, occultist or New Age, proto-scientific, found in or based on the Vedas.
Yagya is the science of purification of the atmosphere through the agency of fire given through Vedas, the ancienmost body of knowledge known to humankind.

The Effects of Soma Yagyas

Tuning in to the Somayagya Online

Somayagya 2010 - One day to go...

Somayagya 2010 - 9 days to go

Somayagya for Global Healing April 2010

Welcome to Vedic Society

Great app! I'm using it on my Android now. Thanks for all your efforts to make Agnihotra accessible to greatest number of people.
- Bruce, India

Agnihotra for Android - It's finally here!

We are deeply overjoyed to announce the long awaited arrival of our Agnihotra software for Android. This is the result of 6 months of development and testing with our team and finally it is ready for you to enjoy. I know a lot of people have been asking for this and it is now available:

The app shows you the daily Agnihotra timings for your current location or any location you might be and also reminds you daily with a customizable alarm before and during Agnihotra. It also includes a tutorial to learn the mantras and how to do Agnihotra. There is no more a need to print out or carry with you a timings sheet and the timings are more accurate as they use your exact location automatically. We have used the original timings algorithm that we used in our Windows and iOS software so you can be assured of 100% accurate timings.

Online Sanskrit Learning Aids

We have started to digitise some very valuable Sanskrit texts. By being online they help accelerate easy learning of the subject and also to search for pertinant information swiftly. Please enjoy and we will publish more as we proceed
Macdonnel's Sanskrit Reader
McComas Taylor's Little Red Book
Whitney's Sanskrit Grammer

Our Research and Publications

In Auroville 2010 we had a team of scientists from SVYASA conduct an experiment with a REG data logger. The results were very promising but due to a machine fault we could not use them for a detailed publication. We compensated by sending a second team to a Somayagya shortly thereafter in Pune early this year. The preliminary summary is published here.

Our Recent Publications

For our 1st Somayayga we commissioned two publications the first is a detailed background about Somayagyas and prepared in partnership with the Samskrti Foundation, the 2nd is extrapolating why there is absolutely no animal sacrifice done in these Mahayagyas, this is a very important and strong point we wish to convey in the Nepal Somayagya as in Nepal to this day animal sacrifice is rife.

Get Involved

For performing the Nepal Somayagya we require many hands to get involved and assist

iAgnihotra is Here

We're very happy to announce the launch of our first iPhone application which is an offering to all doing Agnihotra around the world. It's the most effortless way to get Agnihiotra timings wherever you go allowing you to do Agnihotra easily anywhere. Read more...

Yagya Research in Maheswar

We have recently organized an experiment in Maheshwar with collaboration from the Center for Biofield Sciences in Pune at a Somayagya that took place in February 2011. The experiment made use of a GDV Eco-Tester, this is the first time such measurements have been done during a Somayagya. The initial results were very impressive and we will publish the report shortly.

Please click here for the Report on Effect of Somyagna in Maheshwar measured by Eco Tester
by Centre for Biofield Sciences, Pune

Soma Yagyas - a Living Tradition for Planetary Healing

At the end of the program all remaining items are put into a lake.
At the end of the program all remaining items are put into a lake.

On the 29th of April 2010 we have completed our first Vedic Society Soma Yagya in the heart of Auroville. We had guests coming from all over India and around the world to experience this tradition as old as time. We wish to thank all who attended, donated and volunteered towards this offering to ancient Vedic wisdom and to planetary healing.

Here's a few ways you can explore the Soma Yagya online:

  • View the poster.
  • Read our Soma Yagya 2010 newsletters: #1 (Announcement), #2 (9 days to go), #3 (One day to go), #4 (Tuning in online), #5 (The effects of Soma Yagyas)
  • Visit our SY2010 gallery (thanks to Ian and friends for the beautiful pictures)
  • Visit our YouTube page (our documentary entitled Soma to be released there soon)
  • Some words from our friends and well-wishers.
  • Enjoy our booklet prepared by Samskrti Foundation on Soma Yagyas

Some Observations

The entire yagyashala collapsed during a massive lightening storm two days after completion.

On the final day in the early evening a light rain had started to delicately fall to the dry earth. By the second day after completion heavy rains were falling. In this ancient tradition it is said that one should destroy the yagyashala (as the final offering) after completion of the yagya. In recent times this is rarely done, we in fact wished to do it but were concerned with the risk of fire being in a forest and all. Lo and behold nature took Her own course and such heavy rains fell on the second night after the yagyas completion that the entire structure was destroyed in the night with a great crash. Lightening and thunder filled the sky to add to the cosmic orchestration.

Rare Summer Monsoon

The whole of South India has good monsoon rains now. This is the first time we are enjoying good South-West monsoon. What i feel is this is due to our Somayagya because we performed this yagya in a pure Vedic way - Shrinivass Sattri, Chief pundit

We have been logging historical weather data and will publish a report giving an analysis of previous years and present year and the weather comparisons. For the first time in many years much of Tamil Nadu is getting the South-West monsoon that is named as such as it known for it's presence in Kerala. It is said that many many decades fore the whole of South India experienced this and it seems this year it has returned in the form of a summer monsoon. Watch this space we'll publish the weather stats as soon as we have compiled them.

Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry had the highest rainfall compared to the normal of 44.1 mm. They got 98 per cent more showers than normal, followed by west Rajasthan region which got 78 per cent more rains compared to the normal of 27.2 mm. - Times of India, July 2, 2010

June 6th Rains to hit Tamil Nadu
June 9th Heavy Rains in Chenna
June 11th Rain Comes Again and Met predicts more rain
June 27th East India bracing to receive heavy rains

Rainfall Data

Nepal Soma Yagya

We are happy to announce that we have selected Nepal for our forthcoming (to be scheduled) Soma Yagya. It is our aim to keep this tradition alive and perform this powerful healing practice regularly. Where better than to perform such than in the midst of Nepal which is under woe for many a year now. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep informed. If you wish to get involved as part of our team please let us know. Donations are welcome.

Vedic Society Ongoing Research and Publications





Garbhini Charyas (Regimens For Pregnant Lady)
What are the general rules a pregnant woman should follow? Sushruta explains the following rules to be followed by the pregnant woman till the delivery. * Immediately on the ascertainment of her pregnancy the woman should avoid all kinds of physical labour, sexual intercourse, fasting, day

Vedic Society

Honey and Ghee
Ayurveda teaches that honey and ghee should not be taken in equal proportions (by volume). We have compiled various textual references from the sages of yore that demonstrate this viewpoint: It is not common for people to take honey and ghee equally but all should be aware that it should not be

Vedic Society

Winter Squash in ancient Ayurvedic texts
References to Winter Squash in ancient Ayurvedic texts Common winter squashes are herewith: Acorn squash (Cucurbita pepo) Amber squash Ambercup squash (Cucurbita maxima) Arikara squash (Cucurbita maxima) Atlantic Giant (Cucurbita maxima) Autumn cup squash Banana squash (Cucurbita maxima;

Vedic Society

Virechana is one of the 5 karmas or actions in Panchakarma. It cleanses the body of toxins in the Pitta zone by drawing the toxins (ama) back to the small intestine through the bodily channels and then eliminating them downwards (sometimes they even go upwards subsequenting in vomiting at the same t

Vedic Society

Basti - A Superlative Treatment
Medicated oil enemas and cleansing enemas comprise basti karma, one of the 5 major karmas or actions performed in Ayurvedic therapeutics. The Rishis extolled basti more than any other treatment, some sages wrote that all diseases can be treated with basti therapy others say 80% and some less. It is

Vedic Society

Indravjraagni Dagdha (Lightening Strike) And Its Treatment
In Ayurvedic texts management of patients who have been struck by lightening was described in Shushruta Samhita. The basic management is to use oil application on the whole body and effected part to calm the nervous system and prevent damage to the body from the shock and electrical charge. The same

Vedic Society

Toothpowders as per Ayurvedic Texts
Tooth powders have been used in India for thousands of years to purify and protect the gums and teeth. Even today the tradition persists throughout India with many famous preparations. The classical texts gave beautiful yogas (formulas) of toothpowders that can be used daily (twice) to cleanse the t

Vedic Society

Divinity Lies on the Land
Temples are the most attractive features of India. India is known for the divine culture for a long time. Almost in all occasions and ceremonies God play a significant role. In marriage, child birth and all mundane life, divinity is upheld. This custom and practice continue for centuries without any

Vedic Society

Greeshma Rutu Charya
ASTANGA SANGRAHA - 1. The earth is extremely hot in all directions due to forest fire (davat) kind of extremely hot sunrays. 2. The wind blowing from nairutya(south-west) direction brings little relief.

Vedic Society

Hemanta and Shishira Rutu Charya
ASTANGA SANGRAHA - CHARAKA SAMHITA - SUSHRUTA SAMHITA - HEMANTA RITU 1. The sun and the wind which is mixed with smoke, dust particles, dew, forms a turbid layer in all directions. 2. The cool air of the nature causes romaharsha(horripilation).

Vedic Society

Sharad Rutucharya
ASTANGA SAMGRAHA - CHARAKA SAMHITA - SUSHRUTA SAMHITA - 1. The sky is mostly covered by white colored clouds. The strong sunrays reach the earth through the clouds. 2. On the earth one can see water mixed mud(panka) here and there.

Vedic Society

Varsha Rutu Charya
ASTANGA SAMGRAHA - CHARAKA SMHITA - SUSHRUTA SAMHITA 1. The wind blows from the vaaruna direction, so all the greenery starts growing. 2. The sky is covered with Indra neela coloured clouds. 3. Due to heavy rains the steps of the ponds are immersed in the water. The river gets filled up and appea

Vedic Society

Vasantha Ritu
ASTANGA SANGRAHA - CHARAKA SAMHITA - SUSHRUTA SAMHITA1. The wind blows from south direction. 2. The sun rays show copper colour. 3. The trees like kakubha, amala, kimshuka, ashoka starts showing new leaves and bark.

Vedic Society

Bhavaprakasha nighantu: Sanskrit name:- Vamsha Latin name:- Bambusa arundinacia English name:- Thorny bamboo Madhura, kashaya rasa Sheeta veerya Kaphaghna, pittaghna Chedana, sara basti shodhana(purifies the bladder), kushta(skin disorders), asra roga(blood disorders), vranashodhana(pu

Vedic Society

Botanical Names
Sanskrit name Botanical name English name 1. Kumkuma Crocus sativus Saffron 2. Palasha Butea monosperma Flame of the forest 3. Dhattura Dhatura stramonium Devils apple 4. Punarnava Boerhaavia diffusa Spreading hogweed 5. Manjista Rubia cordifolia Indian madder

Vedic Society

Copper Poisoning
Rasaratna samucchaya: The impure copper(tamra) dosha are: Ayushya kshaya(reduction in life span) Kanti kshaya(reduction in the complexion) Veerya kshaya(reduction in the vigour or virility) Balakshaya(reduction in the strength) Vanti(vomiting) Moorcha(fainting) Bhrama(giddiness)

Vedic Society

Astanga samgraha Su. 6/73 to 77 Qualities of the Ghee:•धी वर्धक(increases intellect) •स्मृति वर्धक(memory booster) •मधा वर्धक(retentive facul

Vedic Society

When the mind and the sense organs are tiered and retract from their respective functions, then the person goes to sleep. Effects of proper sleep on the body: It gives sukha(happiness), pushti(nourishment), bala(strength), vrishata, jnana(knowledge), jeevita(life). Effects of less sleep on

Vedic Society

Hot Food Verses Cold Food
Astanga sangraha: Acharya Vagbhata says that one should take स्निग्ध(unctous), लघु(light), उष्ण(hot or warm) food. These kind of foods improve the digestive fire, cleans the gastro intestinal tract, doesnot derra

Vedic Society

Maatra Vasti
Maatra vasti is a type of Anuvaasana vasti(unctous enema). In maatra vasti the quntity of sneha dravya is very less. Astanga Sangraha:-( a. S. Su. 28/8) • Maatra vasti is a varity of Anuvasana vasti. The quantity of the unctous substance in maatra vasti is same as that of the minimum quantity o

Vedic Society

Milk for Children
In case of non- availability of breastmilk of dhaatri(wet nurse) or mother, goat's or cow's milk can be given to the child as an alternative, because milk is saatmya(compatible or congenial) food for children. Shaargadhara samhita poorvakhanda 6th chapter 40th shloka

Vedic Society

Cooked Food Verses Raw Food
Astanga Sangraha: ( A. S. Su. 10/16) When explaining the correct method of eating food, aachaarya says one should eat सुसिद्ध आहार(well cooked food). Charaka Samhita: Aachaarya Charaka while explaining the shaaka varga(group of of di

Vedic Society

Nasya Karma as per Classical Texts
Aacharya Vagbhata: ( A. S. Su. 29) Definition of Nasya karma: The procedure of instilling medicines through the nasal orifice is called Nasya karma. The nasal orifices are believed to be the entrance of the head. The medicine instilled through them easily penetrates the Sringataka and spreads

Vedic Society

Vedic Society Campaigns

Campaign to end temple animal sacrifices in Nepal
In 2004 we started a project to help end temple animal sacrifice in Nepal. Many of Nepal's most ancient temples are tainted with blood and suffering of the animals that are slaughtered there in the name of religion. This action is completely against Divine will and brings more suffering and pain to an entire country.

 Read our Publication: in English | Nepali (coming soon)
Sign a Petition
 (Thanks AWNN) Write to the Nepali leadership
Support our Nepal Somayagya
 (dates to be announced)

 Read our Article on this subject (Coming Soon)

Vedic Society: Services

Technology must be engaged for good, we have developed advanced tools that can help us to manage information and to understand the world and all of this must be engaged in raising global consciousness so that each person may live in truth. As part of our ongoing work we are developing software and online portals that exemplify this.

Our Software Offerings:

We are developing software for a better world through application of ancient technology that has been given selflessly from the Rishis through their inner vision. Technology can bless humanity by making true wisdom more shareable for all.




Agnihotra for Windows
Agnihotra timings software for Microsoft Windows with reminders, a built in calendar and an Agnihotra tutorial.
 Info  Feedbacks   Support


Agnihotra for Windows Mobile BETA
Agnihotra timings software for Windows Mobile platform.
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Agnihotra for iPhone
Agnihotra timings software for iPhone platform is now available on the App Store.



Editors Review of Agnihotra for Windows:

Agnihotra for Windows is a helpful tool for people who wish to perform Agnihotra, especially beginners. This tastefully done program takes the ritual seriously and contains plenty of informative resources. Read more 

Our Web Portal Offerings:



Panchakarma Guide
A global service for promoting Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatments and a resource for all wishing to heal.

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